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On this page, we will continue to add downloads of our sermon series and bible study notes.

If there is a past series you are looking for and you can’t find it here, please contact the church office to request it. We have an archive of the last few years of sermons.


Acts – Word on Fire – April to September 2017

Easter 2017 – April 2017

Daniel – February to April 2017

Prayer – January 2017

As a New Year Begins – January 2017


Christmas – December 2016

2 Timothy – October to December 2016

How we will live – August to September 2016

2 Peter 2016

2 John 2016

Philemon 2016

Numbers 2016 – Bible talks from the book of Numbers, “In the Wilderness”

Psalms 2016

John’s Gospel – Part 2 – Bible talks on John 11-21


The 3:16’s

Christmas 2015

Life to the Max – We are exploring what it is that God might have us do as a parish over the next three years.

God’s Worker – God’s Work – Bible talks on 2 Corinthians – Term 3

John’s Gospel – Real Life – Bible talks on John 1-10 – Term 1 and 2

Themes from Galatians / Christmas talks — Follow on series from Galatians addressing topics brought up through our studies in Galatians

Easter 2015 – Talks from Good Friday and Easter Sunday from Glenbrook

Psalms 2015 – During the school holidays we are looking at Psalms that are quoted in the New Testament.

Genesis – In Genesis, God reveals himself in a series of exciting promises to Abraham and his descendants.

The Triumph of the Cross

2 Corinthians – God’s worker, God’s work


Leviticus — Bible talks from Ted Brush and David Shead + study guide for small groups

Psalms — A series of talks on Psalms quoted in the New Testament

Hebrews — Bible talks from Ted Brush, David Shead and Matthew Whitfield + study guides for small group

Galatians — Bible talks + study guide for small groups


Revelation — A reading guide for the book of Revelation and small group bible study notes