Welcome and congratulations on your engagement! We wish you both every joy and happiness as you prepare and enter into marriage.
Thank you for considering getting married at Lower Mountain Anglican Church.
We believe God instituted marriage for His purposes and for our good. It is a great gift of God to men and women and we hope that you will come to experience how good it can be.
Our desire is to be as helpful as possible and to ensure your wedding day is both meaningful and happy.

What should we do if we want to be married at Lower Mountains Anglican?

  1. Contact our office (email: or call: (02) 4739 1316) to arrange a preliminary booking.
  2. Consider joining and attending one of our gatherings.
  3. Our office will arrange for you to meet with a Minister for a Pre-Marriage Consultation (and to book the wedding date).
  4. Expect to meet with a Minister on at least four occasions before the big day – to prepare wedding documents, plan the wedding ceremony, discuss the Christian faith in relation to marriage, and do some marriage preparation.
  5. Pay the deposit to confirm your wedding date.
  6. Expect to hold a wedding rehearsal the Thursday evening prior to the wedding day in the church building.
  7. Get married!

Planning a wedding and preparing for marriage can be quite involved. For more information go to our “wedding FAQs“.


We are really delighted that you are considering getting married at Lower Mountain Anglican Church. In fact it is our hope that after you are married you might even join us and become a part of our church family so that we can continue to encourage and support you in your life together.


There are of course lots more things that you will want to know about getting married in our church. We would be delighted to help you with further information. Please contact us.