We love doing baptisms! If you are reading this page because you are wondering about getting baptised, or getting your child baptised, then this is great news!

Lower Mountains Anglican does many baptisms for members of our congregations each year. It may be helpful for you to know a little about baptism before you consider further whether you want to get baptised.

Baptism can be easily misunderstood. For more information please check out our “baptism FAQs

It is our desire to be as helpful as possible to help you think about baptism so that it is both meaningful and special for you and your family.

What should I do to get baptised at Lower Mountains Anglican?

  1. Join one of our congregations.
  2. Speak to one of the Ministry Team members about your interest in baptism.
  3. Fill out an ‘Application for Baptism’ – Infant Baptism (pdf), Adult Baptism (pdf), Confirmation (pdf).
  4. To prepare, expect to meet with a Minister on at least four occasions before the baptism. This will include a short course called JesusWORKS. This will also be a time to ensure that you know what is being asked and promised in the baptism service (we don’t what you to be caught off guard!)
  5. Get baptised!

For more information, please contact our office at or on (02) 4739 1316.